Thursday, June 21, 2012


Recently I was asked to create a new style of WhimsiGal along the lines of a Spectre for my good friend Renata from Newcastle Ghost Tours!

The brief also required that the doll have a face as well!

This proved to be a welcome challenge for me as I love a good challenge ... don't you??

I also got to play with "country-style" fabrics such as calico, muslin and lace ... and of course, where would one of my dolls be without my trademarked boobs??

Miss WhimsiGhoul also contains a Spectrolite Crystal Chip (Iris Moonstone - used to reduce anxiety/stress, relaxation, dreaming and spiritual awakening) ... just because it sounds like Spectre!!

"Miss WhimsiGhoul" will be raffled off as part of tomorrow night's tour of the Newcastle Civic Theatre

For more information please Renata on her webpage
or visit her on Facebook


  1. Very scary! But also kind of pretty too until you look closely, that is. Great work!

    1. Thankyou Lori, it was kinda fun to do something different too :-)


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